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HMI Computers and Operator Interface

Industrial PC for Automation Control Azonix Corporation has been providing operator interface and automation control solutions in the process automation industry since 1991. Originally supplying industrial grade computers used in the Exxon olefin plant in Belmont, Texas, our products are being used in refineries, chemical plants, gas transmission stations and other hydrocarbon process facilities. These systems enable the operators to monitor the process locally at the "point of attack", enabling easy monitoring and if required, immediate response.

With our new product releases of the ES1000 Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch and the WAPZ1 wireless Zone 1 Access Point we have introduced other solutions outside the scope of HMIs that integrate secured intrinsically safe wireless into this industry.


  • Over two decades of experience in the industry
  • Intrinstically safe wireless enhances mobility without sacrificing safety
  • Field-tested extensively for shock and vibration resistance - Click here to watch a dramatic example.
  • Completely sealed and weatherproof systems
  • EMI/RFI shielded computers
  • Rugged computers withstand extreme temperatures, allowing placement in harsh environments and on-site

Azonix produces indoor and outdoor HMI solutions for mission-critical applications used on the plant floor integrated within the process. These rugged computers and display systems can be used in hazardous areas, and have the ability to interface to PLC and DCS systems communicating via cable or wireless.

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