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Azonix Serves the Army, Navy, and Air Force

Providing Rugged, High-Precision Instrumentation for the Armed Forces

Azonix Corporation has been supplying diverse products to the different Armed Forces since the early 1990s. Originally acting as a provider of high-accuracy data acquisition and control products, Azonix sold very accurate temperature devices to meteorologists' labs. We received an Army contract to deliver Redstone Arsenal resistive thermometers used as temperature references for testing new weapons.

Why Azonix?

USS Reagan Naval Military Computer

Here are just some of the ways in which Azonix rugged computers and data acquisition devices are ideal for the military:

Environmental ruggedization:

  • NVIS Compliance
  • Sunlight Viewable Displays
  • EMI Compliance
  • Watertight / Fully Sealed
  • High Shock and Vibration Tolerance
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • MIL-STD 810g
  • MIL-STD 901D Grade A

Design and manufacturing:

  • We have equipment to meet or exceed any standard required.
  • We design and test to the required standards.
  • Our business model is ideally positioned for "upgrade" and "reset" requirements.
  • Risk mitigation - Azonix practices a rigorous multi-step risk mitigation regimen as part of the program management function. 

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Performance based logistics
  • Support / Repair and Training

Ruggedization for National Defense presents unique design challenges.

Azonix's years of experience supplying the military has prepared us to meet and exceed the most unforgiving demands for ruggedization. We understand what the military needs and we are prepared to meet those needs.

Maximizing Optical Performance

Providing top quality optical performance from a display system requires much more than just assembling components from a catalogue. It requires careful analysis, testing, and optimiza­tion for each specific application. That s why Azonix invested in a full optical measurement facility for characterization of displays in both daylight and night time conditions. Our capabilities include a full range visible to IR wavelength spectrometer, imaging cameras with several choices of optics and tools to simulate various ambient light conditions. We perform our testing to both commercial standards such as the VESA FPDM 2 0 and the soon to be released IDMS 1.0 as well as military standards including MJL-STD-3009 for night vision compatibility. Seeing is believing, but measurements don't lie in proving the true optical performance of displays.

NVIS - Night Vision

Night vision compatibility is a standard expectation in numerous military display applications. Azonix is embarking on several key efforts to provide the most up to date NATS compatibility performance possible from an LCD display. Using the latest available materials for multi-layer coated fillers, Azonix can utilize wide color spectrum LED back­light technology for optimum visible light display performance and still achieve extreme suppression of non-visible light emission in the critical regions of the IR spectrum. Azonix has also invested in optical test and measurement technology which allows us to fully characterize and test our displays so we can demonstrate our performance with data as well as field experience. Soon, Azonix will have several display offerings that are fully NATS compatible.

Video Processing Challenges

Military applications include a wide variety of current and legacy video signal sources, many that require some form of post processing to optimize them for the display being used, whether it is a simple adjustment for timing errors or the need for complex noise reduction algorithms and dynamic range enhancement. Many companies can provide traditional video acquisition and scaling capabilities but few have access to the latest state of the art algorithms used in the HDTV and professional post processing industry. Our team of developers have been solving unique and complex video processing challenges for many years now and their expertise is showcased in our monochrome IR targeting display products being used in the field. These capabilities are available to be customized to your application on some of our standard products or can be integrated into any custom product for a truly value added experience.

Marine Computers Used in Diverse Navy Applications

In 1997 Azonix supplied its first rugged military computer used on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN76) as part of the Integrated Communication and Advanced Network (ICAN) project. Working with prime integrators such as Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding, Intergraph, L3 Communications, Wesco Marine Engineering and NAVSEA. Azonix has supplied various types of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to the Department of Defense. Some of the applications include propulsion control systems, fire sensor systems, engine control, bridge wing display units, and shaft alley monitoring systems.

Applications for Azonix Systems:

  • Navy

    • Machinery Control Systems (MCS)
    • Radar Systems
    • Navigation and Mapping
    • Fire Control Workstation
    • Propulsion Monitoring
  • Ground

    • C4ISR Target Acquisition Systems
    • Tactical Servers
    • Ground Vehicles
    • Weapon Systems Stations
    • Tailored and Ground Station Applications
    • Gen-Set Tactical Vehicles
    • C2 in Tactical Vehicles
  • Air

    • Cargo Aircraft Load Master Systems

Embedded Computers for the U.S. Army

One of our largest contracts in Azonix history was to supply embedded computers that provided an interface to generator sets used by the U.S. Army. These mobile computers and thin clients required meeting extreme temperature ranges, so that no matter where in the world the HMI would be used it could turn on and function within 30 seconds. This could be in -40°C in the Alaskan slopes or in +60°C in the Iraqi desert with direct sun beaming on the display.

Military Computer and HMI Value proposition

Military Computer Docking Control Azonix supplies extremely rugged military displays and computers for mission-critical defense applications. Our systems are totally sealed to increase reliability, and can be used indoors or outdoors in direct sunlight at extreme temperatures. We have passed multiple MIL standards for shock, vibration, water resistance and EMI/ RFI shielding. Azonix COTS systems are offered in product platforms that are configurable and if required, modified for custom connector and keypad layouts. We provide rugged touch-screen computer options that work optimally in dusty or wet environments and with gloved hands.

Azonix military computer products are designed to reduce part obsolescence. Utilizing open architecture to support replacement components and newer technologies, our systems are designed for an extended life cycle in comparison to any other rugged military computer in the industry.

Azonix Military Advisory Committee (MAC)

Azonix Corporation has established a supervisory board which includes the company officer and  Rear Admiral Dan Bowler (ret.) This team is navigating the organization within the military space, aligning our core competency with potential applications where we bring the best value. Leveraging our business development network, with our boards military knowledge and with our core product, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to bring best value to our military.


Military Contact:

Pete Alexander
Sales Director - Military, Maritime & Mining
Azonix Corporation
101 Billerica Ave  Building 4
North Billerica, MA 01862
(M) 619-508-9794

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