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Harsh Environment Solutions
Dust, Water, Heat, Shock and Vibration Resistant Computers

Barracuda Lite 19" - Rugged Industrial Computer

The Barracuda Lite 19" is a new addition to the Azonix product family. This product was developed using the latest Intel Core 2 Duo to maintain processor efficency with ever more complex applications and a 19" touch screen display to provide for the increasing amount of user controlled data and monitoring functions. The unit is sealed to IP54 front and IP52 rear meeting the rigors of harsh environments.

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Rugged Industrial Computer

ProPanel® MP2105 - Rugged Industrial Computer

The ProPanel® MP2105 Computer System with integrated touch-screen display is extremely rugged and reliable for mission-critical applications. It is the fourth-generation computer platform released by Azonix. The MP2105 utilizes core heat transfer technologies that have been field-proven in outdoor environments. Fully sealed, shock resistant, ideal for truck-mount or outdoor skid applications, in dusty air, marine, or extreme heat factory environments.

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Compact Rugged Industrial Computer

ProPanel® MP2030SA - (Safe Area) Versatile Compact Computer

The ProPanel® MP2030 is a computer with an integrated display and a more compact form factor than the original ProPanel, but with exceptional modular versatility in the choice of internal options, LCDs, I/O configurations, networking, peripherals and other options. Ideal for industrial control room, driller control, and embedded computer / display applications. Hammer-tested, field-proven reliability saves money by outlasting any other rugged industrial computer.

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Rugged Flat Touch Screen Workstation

Triton SA - Rugged, Flat Workstation with Touch-Screen

The Azonix Triton SA is a versatile and reliable workstation solution that offers a unique industrial alternative. Only 4 inches thick, this state-of-the-art, rugged system features either desktop mounting or space-saving wall mounting capability, so the system can be mounted virtually anywhere to free up valuable work space. The NEMA 4-rated 15-inch flat panel display is equipped with a glass-on-glass resistive touch-screen, anti-glare protection, full sunlight-viewable capability and exceptional image quality.

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