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SSI1000 - Signal Strength Diagnostic Tool for Hazardous Areas

Wireless Zone 1 Ethernet Radio Antenna

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Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Radio Antenna

Wireless Access Point Antenna

SS1000 Antenna Signal Strength Diagnostic Tool

The SSI1000 is a simple signal strength diagnostic tool, designed to connect directly to the antenna and display the signal strength level at the antenna location. It is an intrinsically safe device that can be used in a Zone 1 rated hazardous area without requiring a hot permit. By using this tool the installer can map out the ideal locations as to where to install the antennas of the wireless network, and establish the highest data through put. Using the SSI1000 reduces installation time by not having to climb off a post and walk to a local computer displaying the signal strength information, in some cases multiple times, in order to find the best spot. After the place and position of the antenna is established the installer removes the SSI1000 to use in finding the ideal location for the next antenna etc.

It is very easy to utilize the SSI1000 diagnostic tool not requiring the user extensive RF knowledge. It has an LED display that informs the user whether the radio has established a wireless link, and if the signal is fair or good. The circuit is installed in a hardened enclosure to endure the harsh rig floor environment and operator usage.

It is quick to install requiring fastening a couple of threaded connections. It has two N type connectors on each end of the unit. One side connected to the RF cable, which is connected to the radio system, and the other connection is directly to the antenna. The SSI1000 is powered via the antenna cable so no external power connections are required for it to function.

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