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WAPZ1 - Zone 1 Wireless Access Point for (Patent Pending)

Wireless Access Point Internet Radio

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Zone 1 Internet Radio

Industrial Computer Wireless Access Point

Embedded Internet Radio

Zone 1 I/O Wireless Access Point

Azonix is the world leader in the development of hazardous area computing, control and operator interface. ProSoft is a leading provider of industrial radio technology. Azonix and ProSoft have teamed to create a wireless access point system that may be incorporated into any computing, control or operator interface within Zone 1 areas at the “point of attack” without incurring the substantial costs of armored cabling and/or fiber.

A Cost-Efficient Solution for Communications

The WAPZ1 industrial radio access point is designed specifically to enable equipment makers to eliminate labor and expense inherent in typical cabling installation of Zone 1, intrinsically safe operator interface computer and communications equipment.

  • Low maintenance costs due to use of standard antenna, connectors and cabling (avoiding EEx’d antenna and connectors, armored cabling, etc.)
  • Fast rig-up, rig-down times compared to typical cabling
  • Easy reconfiguration and/or relocation of stations as desired
  • Maximum bandwidth for faster performance and optimal value

Features of the WAPZ1

The system consists of a radio module, antenna mount, and intrinsically safe (I.S.) antenna, connected via standard N-type connectors and cable. Communications with computer control or interface equipment is through standard RJ-45 Ethernet using Cat 5 cable and standard Ethernet protocols.

The system is intrinsically safe (I.S.) and can be placed in a hazardous area to create a wireless communication link by line-of-sight between the rig floor and the safe-area equipment.

The antenna mount and radio module both provide full signal strength / Tx/Rx signal indicator feedback for ease of installation by a single installer.

Industrial radio access point technology benefits and applications

Azonix has pioneered the development of equipment for use in hazardous areas, helping to bring “Wintel”-based solutions into applications that were typically too rugged and hazardous for prior equipment solutions. Now Azonix and ProSoft make it logistically possible and financially feasible for any equipment maker to incorporate a wireless interface into PC-based equipment in Zone 1 areas.

  • Standard cabling and connectors and easy L.O.S. mounting save time and money
  • Easy rigup/rigdown works well for temporary installations or relocation
  • Use on skids, gas compression stations, remote installations, offshore rigs, harsh industrial environments, marine applications and more
  • High-security, high data-throughput communications are tested and proven in over a decade of field use


• Communications: Industry standard IEEE 802.11b supports high level of security (WPA and legacy 64 & 128 bit WEP) and high data band width
• Radio characteristics: 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz DSSS / distance ~2500' L.O.S. (line-of-sight) / rate 11 Mb/s
• Signal power: 250 mW, 1/2 W w/external amplifier (FCC model)
• Receiver sensitivity: -86 dBm @ 11 Mb/s, -92 dBm @ 1 Mb/s
• Protocol: 802.11b peer-to-peer / 11 user-selectable channels
• Antenna interface: Intrinsically Safe - does not require EEx'd antenna or armored cable / lightning suppressor
• Certification: ATEX approved for Zone 1, FCC/RSS/UL/CSA/Mexico/Australia approvals
• Connections: Standard connectors (vs. EEx 'd) for easy rig-up and rig-down, lower operation cost
• Indicators: Power, Tx/Rx Status and Signal Strength on both radio module and antenna mount enable 1-person installation and assist best line-of-site location
• Range: 2500 feet range at 11 Mb/s with high-gain antennas, extendable with repeaters
• Setup and Diagnostics: Standard web browser and built-in web pages
• Power: 90-265 VAC (47-68 MHz) using armored cable through EEx'e terminals or EEx'd connector, Optional 9-36VDC supply
• Antenna: "N" type connector
• Available connectors: Ethernet (RJ45), DB-9, fiber ST connector
• Certification: Zone1 (ATEX) / C1DI option available
Environmental specs:
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
• Humidity: To 95% RH, non-condensing
• Vibration and Shock: IEC 60068-2-6 & IEC 60068-2-27
• Vibration: 3G, 10 Hz to 500 Hz in all 3 axis
• Sealing: IP66 / NEMA4
• Dimensions: ~7" (W) x 9" (H) x 3" (D)
• Weight: <5 lbs / 2.3 kg

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Datasheet PDF

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