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Nautilus® - Rugged NR5000 Series

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Product Data Sheet

The Nautilus product line was developed to address computer and display challenges existing in our Navy fleet. Nautilus helps to reduce manpower, manage product life cycle and availability, utilize industry-standard solutions (COTS), and meets or exceeds stringent Navy MIL standards.

The first requirement was to design an open architecture that would give flexibility to the integrators to utilize the same hardware in multiple applications. If required, the display can interface to a laptop, rack mount computer or to our own integrated computer module. The flexibility also applies to the various mounting options with the same hardware platform.

The second important feature applied to the Nautilus product line is reduced obsolescence. Azonix has extensive experience in obsolescence management. Our process begins with our design methodology and extends through production readiness and ongoing procurement practices in the supply chain. Implementing and following our robust obsolescence process, in all facets of the business including engineering, operations and the front end enable us to increase the life of the asset and have it available per your demand.

The third differentiating feature of the Nautilus line is its reliability. Display modules are totally sealed against dust, salt water, or other contamination that can reduce the life cycle of the electronics. A rugged aluminum enclosure provides physical protection and thermal load control for low-heat operation.


Nautilus is ideal to use in applications displaying critical real-time
information. Examples of such applications include:

    · Machinery and control system monitoring
    · JP5 pump rooms
    · Bridge safety alarm systems
    · Liquid control work stations
    · Bridge wing displays
    · Damage control consoles
    · Navigation and mapping


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